PHP Developer

Job description

Karify is a web-based application on the forefront of e-mental healthcare. We pride ourselves on our "build the best code you can" mindset. Our software is constantly being expanded and improved in a fast-paced, agile environment where teamwork is key and all suggestions are considered.

We are looking for a PHP backend developer to work on the numerous projects that are ahead of us. Karify is an application with high demands on maintainability and scalability, and we expect you to contribute on these facets. If you understand hydration to be more than something you do at office drinks and that trash doesn’t go in a service container, you might be interested in working for us: we like to talk tech and deliver a quality product to our users.

The role:

  • You will be responsible for the technical development of our innovative cloud-based e-health platform.
  • You will be involved in all phases of the development process, from specification through design and implementation to maintenance.
  • You will develop new features and enhancements, participate in peer code reviews, engage in pair programming, and use testing to your advantage.
  • You can help us further our transition to a data driven architecture

Why you'll love it here:

  • We are a developer-oriented company - without you, there's no product
  • Your work will have real purpose and you'll help to change lives - really
  • We're a dedicated, fun team of people you'll enjoy being around; one team working on one project
  • We have a beautiful code stack and an advanced deployment process
  • We offer a competitive salary with a 40-hour contract

Karify is not offering a remote position


    You have:

    • BS / MS in Computer Science or equivalent

    • Proven experience in developing scalable, high-performance systems using PHP

    • An urge to write clean code.

    • A thorough understanding of concepts like dependency injection, (de)coupling and compiler passes
    • Experience with PHP frameworks - we work with Symfony
    • Experience with JavaScript (React), RabbitMQ, Docker, mySQL and MongoDB are a big plus
    • Experience with building REST API’s you won’t hate!