About us

Transforming healthcare

Karify wants to provide accessible care with the help of digital means. By combining technology and psychology, the platform stimulates behavioral change. The Karify eHealth platform connects users and professionals through online interventions, secure communication, information exchange and online access.

At Karify, we hold a high standard for our employees. We are not hung up on deadlines or traditional corporate structure. We simply want our people to deliver the best work they can. The Karify team shares a common vision of improving patient engagement and accessibility of care, and we work together on a daily basis to make our vision a reality. Teamwork, trust, learning, solving hard problems, and making our customers happy are what we value most..

Our technology team

We have even more non-techies!

Thumb avatar 1447853985
Hendrik Wouters
Thumb avatar 1444137027
Daan Penning de Vries
Thumb avatar 1447326403
Rozanne van Diggelen
UX designer
Thumb avatar 1444137027
Joris Moolenaar
Thumb avatar 1447853985
Jeroen Swen
QA engineer
Thumb avatar 1447853985
Menno Zuidema
Thumb avatar 1447854995
Adam van Reijswoud
Backend developer
Thumb avatar 1447326403
Maurits Henneke
Data Science / Code Quality
Thumb avatar 1522309757
Inkie Theus
Thumb avatar 1444137027
Rolf Babijn
Security developer
Thumb avatar 1520940488
Iris Faber
Test automation engineer
Thumb avatar 1520939485
Joost Röttger
Android developer
Thumb avatar 1520939615
Jurriaan Mous
iOS developer
Thumb avatar 1520939817
Bruno Sampaio
Frontend developer
Thumb avatar 1522309624
Thijs Burgmans
Sales Manager
Thumb avatar 1447853983
Roos Kamp
Cust. Onboarding
Thumb avatar 1520939948
Geert Vellinga
Frontend developer
Thumb avatar 1522309812
Floor Tönissen

Perks & Benefits

Happy Employees are productive Employees

  • Contribute to Healthcare worldwide through Innovation
  • Work with multiple teams on one awesome cloud application
  • An Open Office Space & Minimal Hierarchy
  • Legendary Annual BBQ & Christmas Party
  • Drinks & Activities with the Team
  • Customized Setup for Developers
  • Fruit & Freshly Baked Bread
  • Company Macbook
  • Reimbursement of Travel Costs


Pythagoraslaan 101, Utrecht

Utrecht HQ

Pythagoraslaan 101, Utrecht